Tell NYC's Night Mayor: #SaveNYCSpaces Digital Guide

Share and invite people to the Facebook event. Post throughout the day, every day on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and in your email lists until the day of event 10/11/17


To show the city that a huge amount of people care about small artist run venues. Encourage a +300 people to attend the town hall at Market Hotel. +800 people to say going on FB event


Primary: #SaveNYCSpaces


Always include the hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Always include the link in your Facebook and Twitter posts.


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Facebook & Instagram

Sample Facebook / Instagram Messages
TAG people who are involved and those who may be interested!

NYC's first #NightMayor is about to be chosen by the City Officials @MadeinNY and @NYCulturalAffairs attending this town hall. Pack @MarketHotel to say "#SaveNYCSpaces & #NoGentrification" before they make their choice.

This artist-led event is the public's only chance for a voice. SHARE and INVITE everyone in NYC who cares about the future of Community Spaces.

Wed October 11, 6:30PM
Market Hotel, 1140 Myrtle Ave BK

Cultures that inspire the world are born here in NYC's small diverse community spaces.

House of Yes| Anya Sapozhnikova

Kurtis Blow | Hip Hop's First Superstar

Charlie Ahearn | Director of "Wild Style"

DeeArah Wright & Brian Polite | JACK Performance Space

Nikki Brown | Dance Liberation Network

Rachel Nelson | Secret Project Robot

Ali Rosa-Salas | Abrons Arts Center

Dr. Pooyan Aslani | Sunnyvale

Molly Cox | The City Reliquary

Joe Ahearn | Artist Run Spaces

Jeannie Hopper | WBAI 99.5fm

Christopher Carroll | Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM

City Officials
Julie Menin | Commissioner, Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment

Tom Finkelpearl | Commissioner, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs

Rafael L Espinal | New York City Council Member

Ali Coleman | House Coalition

Sample Facebook / Instagram Messages

'#NightMayor must build trust with NYC's diverse grassroots cultures. #SaveNYCSpaces @Made in NY

Sample Facebook / Instagram Messages

What do you think NYC's Nightlife Mayor should work on? #SaveNYCSpaces

Sample Facebook / Instagram Messages

Kurtis Blow - Hip Hop's first superstar - to represent the people who made Hip Hop at Tell NYC's Night Mayor: Save NYC Spaces artist-led town hall!

RSVP While Spaces Last - FREE

'#SaveNYCSpaces #Nightlife4All #LetNYCDance #ImproveDontEvict

Be there. Be heard. Make a difference.

Video: Kurtis Blow "The Breaks"


Sample Tweets

Tell NYC's #NightMayor: #SaveNYCSpaces - WED Oct 11 6:30pm @MarketHotelNYC - Only time for public input!

NYC #NightMayor picked soon by @MadeinNY Tell the @NYCMayorsOffice to #SaveNYCSpaces - WED Oct 11 @MarketHotelNYC

SPECIAL GUEST @KurtisBlow1 King of Rap at #NightMayor town hall - Wed Oct 11 6:30p @markethotelnyc - #SaveNYCSpaces

Turn out! #NightMayor: #SaveNYCSpaces WED OCT 11 @markethotelnyc @MadeinNY @NYCulture @RLEspinal

#NightMayor must build trust with NYC's diverse grassroots cultures. #SaveNYCSpaces @MadeinNY @NYCulture @RLEspinal

What do you think NYC's #NightlifeMayor should work on? #SaveNYCSpaces @MadeinNY @NYCulture @RLEspinal

Tell NYC #NightMayor: #SaveNYCSpaces! Repeal the Cabaret Law & #LetNYCDance WED Oct 11 6:30pm @Danceliberation

ONLY TIME to tell NYC #NightMayor: #SaveNYCSpaces! WED Oct 11 6:30pm @MarketHotelNYC with Anya of @houseofyesnyc

ONLY TIME to tell NYC #NightMayor: #SaveNYCSpaces! WED Oct 11 6:30pm with @CharlieAhearn of #WildStyle

Tell NYC #NightMayor: #SaveNYCSpaces! WED Oct 11 6:30pm with @DeeArah of @jackartsny @MadeinNY @NYCulture @RLEspinal

Tell NYC #NightMayor: #SaveNYCSpaces | WED Oct 11 | Ali Rosa-Salas @AbronsArtsCtr @DISCWOMANNYC @MadeinNY @NYCulture

Tell NYC #NightMayor: #SaveNYCSpaces | WED Oct 11 6:30p | with @CityReliquary @MadeinNY @NYCulture @RLEspinal

Tell NYC #NightMayor: #SaveNYCSpaces | WED Oct 11 6:30p | with Pooyan & @sunnyvalebk @MadeinNY @NYCulture @RLEspinal

Must be the #NightMayor job to help all cultures thrive! #SaveNYCSpaces #LetNYCDance @MadeinNY @NYCulture @RLEspinal

NYC #NightMayor must stop criminalization - Repeal Cabaret Law & #LetNYCDance @MadeinNY @RLEspinal @danceliberation

#NightMayor must support all cultures thrive! #SaveNYCSpaces #LetNYCDance @MadeinNY @RLEspinal @BossaNovaCivic

#NightMayor as Confidential Cultural Caseworker #NightlifeHelpDesk #Nightlife4All @MadeinNY @RLEspinal @NYCulture

#NightMayor should give path to being a legal artist run venue #NightlifeHelpDesk @MadeinNY @RLEspinal @NYCulture

#NightMayor must give path to legality for small artist run spaces @MadeinNY @NYCulture @RLEspinal @Cultural_Plan

#NightMayor should promote affordability & stop further #displacement @MadeinNY @NYCulture @Cultural_Plan @aocbloc

#NightMayor, give info on M.A.R.C.H. raids to #SaveNYCSpaces #ImproveDontEvict @MadeinNY @NYCulture

ONLY TIME to tell NYC #NightMayor:#SaveNYCSpaces! WED Oct 11 6:30pm @markethotelnyc thnx @DanceNYC

Apply to be NYC's #NightMayor! Help with permitting, licensing, constituent srvcs #NightLifeHelpDesk #SaveNYCSpaces

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